Smorgasburg Los Angeles - Week 4

It's the 4th installment of Smorgasburg Los Angeles
July 10, 2016

Smorgasburg is a market for food, design, and vintage
items every Sunday in Downtown Los Angeles
at the Alameda Produce Market.

 Food vendors getting ready
for the 10 am opening.

With lots of great food options,
here's most of what I had today.

See What Jay Eats...

 Chef Minh Phan's porridge
with her smoked-hibiscus pickled egg.

This was Chef Minh's last weekend
for awhile, so having her porridge
was a special treat.

Stay tuned for her return.

Photo by Summer Crab Co.
A new vendor, Summer Crab Co.
joined the fun on week 4.

Chefs Stephen Trujillo and Yuli Miller
bring a fun Singaporean chili crab sandwich
to Smorg LA.

It's always fun to work with chef friends

A deep-fried soft shell crab
covered in their Singaporean chili crab sauce
and held between a toasted King's Hawaiian bun.

How could this not be great???

 Lemon Pie from Rucker's Pie

Loved It!

Also, Nicole also made an apple pie with
skins on, it was one of the best apple pies I've had!

Smoked Brisket Sandwich 
from Ugly Drum 

Try their pastrami too...

 It was a food-filled Sunday,
Missing was the aqua fresca from Todo Verde,
something I always order.

I did leave Smorg LA with one of Chef Minh's
PINCH Savory Jam and bagels from Maury's Bagels,
they made a great breakfast for the kitchen on Monday.

There's A Lot of great food
and this is just what I had time for
while I was working.

Come out and share your favorites.

Next Sunday (July 17th) is
See you at Smorg Los Angeles!

Alameda Produce Market
(enter at Alameda & Bay)
Free Parking for the first 2 hours.
Sundays:  10 am - 6 pm

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted otherwise
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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