626 Night Market - July 22-24, 2016

It's that time again, the 626 Night Market
on home turf at Santa Anita Park!

 WAIT, Weren't we just here?
Yes, July 4th weekend.

But who's counting, right?

July 22-24th Weekend in Arcadia!

See What Jay Eats...

 The "Rainbow Roe~D"
from Cup Town BBQ

With roe, pickled radish, and seaweed salad over rice.
(and it wasn't a poke bowl)

Great on a hot day!

 It's me, so you know I had to have tacos.

The pork belly tacos from Rakken Tacos.

It was Fryday, so had to have some
Okamoto Kitchen's Japanese Fried Chicken
"Karaage Chicken" Classic Style.

Needing something to drink now,
what should I have?
THEN, the light bulb went off
and I knew what I wanted to get!

A strawberry slush in a light bulb
from Squidies.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Fries

I love BBQ Chicken Pizza
and then to put it on fries, so good.

BUT Wait, there's more...
Lobster Mac n Cheese
with all of the fixins'

Who doesn't love lobster AND mac-n-cheese???

As Steve Jobs would say, there's one more thing...
The Cinnamalicious!
An ice cream cinnamon bun
with (we opted for vanilla) ice cream.

A cinnamon bun with ice cream inside
and a great finish to this OK Korokkay stop.

BTW, my nieces love their Chicken Pot Pie Croquettes.

 Needed a craft soda from Pop'd Up

Nice new jars too...

A Churro Ice Cream Sundae

If you remember my last 626 Night Market visit 
on July 4th weekend, got to try their 
"Winner Winner" fried chicken churro sandwich.

Garlic Crab Fries

Yup, after all of this food,
stick a fork in me, I'm almost done,

Ice Cream Cake

And while you're at Layers on Layers,
get one of their Gummy Bear drinks,
it comes in a bear bottle too.

A KBBQ Burger from Glee Donuts & Burgers

It was a really good Korean BBQ burger
to end off the night.

It's like an adult size Capri Sun

And this is just Day 1!

Day 2 and I'm hungry!
Thanks to Ken, I was introduced
to Huarache King, Authentic Mexican Food with a Twist.

This was my first time here and wasn't a disappointment.

The Carne Asada Huarache
with beans, steak, queso fresco,
green sauce, and cilantro

Soooo Gooood!!!

The "Pinkolo"
A Pink Pandan with Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit,
Strawberry, and Apple liquid nitrogen ice cream

If you like Pandan, you'll like this flavor.

When I have ice cream, I need something
salty, and in this case, garlicky.
Garlic Fries from Glee Donuts & Burgers.

Great garlic flavor and who doesn't
like fries???

Just part of Day 2!

Sorry, no Day 3.
I actually had to work...

Santa Anita Park
285 W Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007

Saturday 4 pm - 1 am
Sunday  4 pm - 11 pm

See You There!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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