Truffle Splash - Jinya Ramen Bar Studio City

 I've been to Jinya Ramen Bar in Studio City
a few times and recently visited their
Hollywood and Highland location.

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When my food friend, Kristie Hang, invites
you to a special ramen lunch at Jinya Ramen Bar
in Studio City, you don't just go, you run!

 Reason being,
this special ramen lunch,
involves black truffles.

Yup, you heard it correct,
Black Truffles!!!

 After arriving and getting set up on the patio,
we headed over to the kitchen to watch
our special truffle ramen being put together.

Jinya's founder Tomonori Takahashi
is testing brothless menu items.

One of them being the Truffle Splash.
This limited edition, only 10 bowls per day,
is only available in Studio City
for a limited time.

 Besides the shaved black truffle,
the Truffle Splash includes pork chashu,
Brussels sprouts, onion, cheese, and half a raw egg
with thick noodles.

 Right away, the thick noodles
told me that the soup will be a thicker broth
and with the raw egg, sounds more like a carbonara.

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 The Truffle Splash
with shaved black truffles

After it was mixed,
it had a very earthy taste,
hence the fresh truffles.

I loved the Brussels sprouts with it,
for me, it made the dish.

As I mentioned, the soup is a thick like a gravy.
(just look at that shaved truffle)

I took the rest of the broth home,
thought it would be great with some rice in it.
It was!

The "Truffle Splash" was amazing,
it should be, it has black truffles.
It also comes at a cost too,
$24 a bowl.

But, fresh truffles aren't cheap,
and you only live once
and this was definitely a treat!

Overall, this was a great dish,
although it's a riff on carbonara,
it was really good.

Management told me that the specials will
change every 2 months, so something
to look forward to...

If you want to watch Kristie's Nom Truffle Splash video,
click HERE

Thank You!

NOTE:  I was a guest of Jinya Ramen Bar,
I thank them for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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