OC Night Market - May 2016

April Showers brings May Flowers,
do you know what May Flowers bring?

Baseball and the start of the Night Market Season,
my two favorite Spring activities.

First one of the season,
(May 13 - 15, 2016)
the weather was a bit on the cool side.

But it was a good kick-off to the 
Night Market season
and to see NM friends...

Here's some of what I enjoyed at
the May 2016 OC Night Market

 Checking out Square Ice Cream
with their Square Donuts.

Can't decide?

Tried them all...

Of course I was waiting for this one...

The Rainbow Tacos from Oh Thit!
A grilled lemongrass pork with cabbage
and Oh Thit! sauce.

One of my all time night market favorites.

Oh Thit! also make a great filet mignon skewer
and grilled corn with scallion oil.

Speaking of tacos...
The Okamoto Kitchen truck
introduced their Pork Chashu Tacos

A slow-cooked Japanese style pork belly with 
shredded cabbage, ginger, green onions, sesame seeds,
and a special glaze served on soft corn tortillas.

 I'm a fan of Pop'd Up,
they have such great drinks.

I finally get to try their 
Blood Orange Elderflower soda!

They always sell out of this and today's
my special day!  I got there early enough
to finally (after 4 night markets) get to try it.

Their other flavors are good too.  

The Cha-Cha Matcha

A liquid nitrogen Matcha green tea ice cream
with classic oreo cookies.  
A twist on Singaporean ice cream bread.

They had an ice cream eating contest too...

Look for Crescendo Ice Cream at the Santa Anita Park
626 Night Market.

Look for the Chilly Ribbons Chalet

The Chilly Ribbons' Menu

My favorite, the Watermelon Bomb.

2 flavors of Chilly Ribbons 
and watermelon pieces
with condensed milk.

What's a Night Market without a spiral cut potato?
Had to get the Famous Swirls Potato 
with Ketchup seasoning from

Who would've thought a fried potato would
go great with Ketchup?

It was a great start to the night market season
and look forward to the next
June 17 -19, 2016

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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