Mo-Mo Paradise - Rowland Heights

Mo-Mo Paradise in Rowland Heights
is opening on April 1st!
(No joke)

 It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant
specializing in shabu shabu/sukiyaki
from Japan.

In fact, this is their first U.S. location
and I got a preview.

 Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki
are similar, as they're a one pot entree
that's cooked table side.

Since this is an all-you-can-eat,
(Dinner $27.95)
you select your meat.

And then your dining adventure begins
 My first stop was the Farmer's Market
to select my vegetables, rice, and
other condiments.

The Farmer's Market will have about 20
seasonal vegetables.

 Don't forget your condiments.

I picked up scallions and red ginger
for my sauces.

Next stop...
 The Drink Garden
has natural flavored sodas, teas, milk teas,
boba, jellies, etc.

How many places have unlimited boba milk tea?

By the time I got back to the table
 Our pot was on the burner
and heating up.

We ordered the shabu shabu (left)
and sukiyaki (right)

One thing I learned about Mo-Mo Paradise,
all of their sauces come from Japan.

One of my biggest dislikes about having
sukiyaki here in the U.S. is that the
sauces are always too sweet or taste bottled.

The Mo-Mo Paradise sauces
are balanced and very good.

 Our meat has arrived at the table,
we opted for both beef and pork.

Nice marbling 

 We were instructed to place the larger
vegetables at the bottom first.

Don't worry if you're not going to remember
the sukiyaki steps,
they're here to help.

Adding the meat on the vegetables

Once cooked,
you can dip the meat in the pasteurized egg
(it's up to you).

This is one of the best sukiyakis I've had
outside of Japan AND it's all-you-can-eat too.
The shabu shabu sauces are really good too,
they should, they all come from Japan.

Yup, I'll be back!

17596 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Thank You!
Mo-Mo Paradise
David Chen
Anthony Hayashi
Len Hayashi

NOTE:  I was a guest of Mo-Mo Paradise
and thank them for the invitation and their hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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