The Show Dog from Papoo's Hot Dog Show

Photo by LeahRodrigues24
Los Angeles Times
Papoo's Hot Dog Show
August 24, 2011
Burbank, California

During my entertainment industry days, I would have lunch at Papoo's Hot Dog Show.  Usually would order a hot dog, I mean the place is called "Hot Dog Show", right?  Years later, I heard that Papoo's Hot Dog Show closed after 62 years.  Evidently, this historic location, which started out as a hot dog shack, needed some extensive remodeling which the owner wasn't in a position to do.

Fast forward to today,
this spot is now the Burbank location for
Umami Burger.  The new owners did add an
"umami" twist to Papoo's hot dog menu.

I'm glad that this location was kept the Papoo's
look and feel, just updated.

Photo by Claudia Esguerra-Herrera
With Valentino Herrera

When Valentino mentioned revisiting Papoo's Hot Dog Show
and "The Show Dog", I was trying to remember if I had
one back in the day.  As a hot dog fan, I was intrigued 
with Valentino's story of this famous dog and knew
I wanted to check it out.

So we met up one Saturday at the old Papoo's location,
which is now Umami Burger, Burbank.

See What Jay Eats...

The SHOW Dog
(Umami Burger)
with Hak's bbq sauce, minced bacon, beer cheese,
and topped with onion strings.

It's been years since I've been to Papoo's
and didn't get a chance to visit before closing in 2011.
But I'm glad that Umami Burger kept the place
close to the original, just updated.

This version was sweet with the BBQ sauce,
gooey with the cheese sauce, and
crunchy with the bacon and onion strings.

After Papoo's Hot Dog Show closed,
some of the employees headed a couple of blocks
down the street to the HoneyBaked Ham Restaurant
in Toluca Lake.

They brought over some of the Papoo's recipes,
including the famous "Show Dog"

"Main Event Dog"
with grilled spinach, bacon, melted Swiss cheese,
topped with onion rings.

It's a split grilled hot dog with a slice of bacon, grilled spinach,
with melted Swiss cheese and topped with onion rings.

I enjoyed this dog with the spinach
and crunchy with the onion rings.
It was old skool with simple flavors.
I'm glad that I got to try both versions
and able to get to compare both. 

It's another one of the old skool menu items
that I got to try.

Watch Trippy Food Episode 7
of the two hot dogs.

Umami Burger Burbank
4300 West Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 433-3680

Honeybaked Hams
10106 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 766-3958

Thank You!
Claudia Esguerra-Herrera

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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