Blocks of Food at KTown Night Market - October 2014

The Last Night Market of the Season!

organizers presents the
Halloween Food Fest

October 25 & 26, 2014

My post of the first KTown Night Market in April 2014

6th Street was closed to traffic in KTown.

 Over 70 vendors lined the street
between Mariposa Ave and Berendo St.

 The Ultra-Popular Original Ramen Burger was in attendance.
They're so popular, they even had a line before
the event opened!

OK, so it was the Original Ramen Burger crew
in their new red shirts...

See What Jay Eats...
Just a few things I had

 I stopped by the Chilly Ribbons' ski chalet
to try their latest flavor,
Red Bean.

You can see the red bean pieces...

Now ready to go
with red beans, mochi, and almonds.

It was sweet without being sweet
and had a nice flavor. 

Now that the night market season
is over, I guess I'll have to get out to
their store in Westwood.

I tried the Sweet Mixed Grain Smoothie

It's made from different grains, tasted like
barley tea.  It then hit me, barley is a grain...Duh!
I enjoyed it very much, without being too sweet. 

Photo Courtesy of KTown Night Market
A return vendor from the 1st KTown Night Market,

Besides grilled chicken skewers,
they introduced Niku Maki

Niku Maki

Pork wrapped around a rice ball.

It was good, but the rice
was a bit too wet with sauce.
IMO needed more of a char on the outside.
Otherwise something new.

Yes, had to stop at the Lobsta Truck
for a crab roll with butter.

Nuff said... 

Mama Musubi returns with their
"KTown Night Market Special Musubi"

The Super Spicy Tuna Musubi

Cooked albacore tuna w/spicy aioli,
spicy gochujang, and spicy furikake.
(A Ktown Night Market Exclusive)

Photo Courtesy of KTown Night Market
If you follow Mama Musubi, you find out
all of the secret menu items and specials.

You might even win a Mama Musubi T-shirt
or Limited Edition Musubi Boxes.

Follow them on Instagram

Jinya Ramen
brought their Spicy Ramen.

I thought it needed a bit more heat if you're
going to call it spicy.
It wasn't a bad first time dish tho. 

I seem to attract new products...

Met the Toki Hot Sauce guys
at the night market.
They gave me some samples of their new hot sauce.

The sauce is a bit sweet
with a kick at the end.

It was a nice end to the 2014 Night Market Season.

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See you in 2015!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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