The Hundred-Foot Journey and Film Inspired Dishes

In April, I was invited to Dodger Stadium to sample the new menu items at the ballpark for the 2014 season.  As much as I love baseball and food, movies are a very close second.  Before my involvement in the food industry, I began my marketing career at The Walt Disney Studios. After 10 years in the entertainment industry, I went to cooking school and the rest is history.

I was invited to see a special screening of "The Hundred-Foot Journey." After seeing the one sheet (industry jargon for movie poster), it's executive produced by Steven Spielberg & Oprah Winfrey, starring Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, and distributed by my old company, The Walt Disney Studios.  

Photo Courtesy of ArcLight Cinemas
We arrived at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood
and were directed into a private area.

 Besides the movie screening, we are getting
a behind-the-scenes preview of the 
new menu items at ArcLight's Cafe.
(New items debut September 2014)

It's been about 2 years since I've last been to the ArcLight Hollywood.
I forgot how progressive they are in having props from
actual films in the lobby, merchandising, and of!
Not the typical concession type food, but real food.

See What Jay Eats...

Pacific Ceviche

Local halibut, citrus (orange, lemon, and lime), watermelon,
tomato, shallot, cilantro, and jalapeño on a crispy tortilla.

I love ceviche and this was a very good one.
I do want to try their Ahi Tuna Poke next time.
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter,
I'm kind of a poke snob, especially spending
summers with family in Hawaii.

 The Classic ArcLight Salad

Organic greens, chopped chicken breast, Applewood smoked bacon,
provolone cheese, corn, grape tomato, green onions, 
with homemade ranch dressing.

This salad couldn't be a more perfect fit for me,
had all of my favorites.

Spicy Southwestern Cheeseburger

Certified Angus Beef on a Portuguese bun with
cheddar cheese, crispy Fresno chili, and barbecue sauce.

You might say, OK, so they have a burger...
The incredible thing here is what you can't see,
the burger patty just melts in your mouth.
How can that be?  They use a blend of different
Angus beef cuts that makes this burger a true winner.
This was a real surprise of the evening.

I would come back just for the burger!

Next is Course #4,
 the palate cleanser.
Chocolate Martini

This isn't the palate cleanser...

But very good

Did you know
the director of "The Hundred-Foot Journey",
Lasse Hallstrom, also directed "Chocolat"?

Now you can see why the chocolate martini was mentioned.

Intermezzo - Sorbet

OK, THIS is the palate cleanser!

 Time to taste some dishes inspired by the movie
we'll be seeing in just a few...

 Chicken Tandoori

Skewered chicken breast with an Indian spiced yogurt marinade, 
served with a cilantro-shallot vinaigrette.

Inspired by the cuisine from the film.
In the ArcLight Cafe, they will be Tandoori chicken wings. 

Photo by Kristie Hang
Being interviewed by JD Cargill for ArcLight Stories

To see the ArcLight Stories'
"Celebration of Food and Film"
Click HERE

Enough of my shameless self promotion,
let's get back to the food...

Beef Bourguinon a la Hassan

Short rib, pearl onions, and mushrooms in a red wine sauce. 

As I'm watching the film, I could almost taste it.
Oh yeah, I did!

 A Banana Cardamom Creme Brûlée

I really love Cardamom (mentioned in the film) 
and this creme brûlée had the right amount 
and was a great ending to tonight's tasting menu.

The new menu items were an interest to all of us.

Time to get our popcorn and head into the theatre
for tonight's feature. 

You had me a caramel corn! 

The film began when the last person in our group sat down.

It reminded me of my days at The Walt Disney Studios.
Without popcorn tho... 
(No snacks in the screening rooms)

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang

Look who's still eating...

The cool thing about ArcLight Cinemas, they have a 21+ theater,
you can bring in a glass of wine or cocktail from the bar.

It's not just about soda, popcorn, and candy...

See the Movie Trailer HERE

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to see it.

All I'll say...
I was happy, sad, reminded me of working with
a French chef, and this film got me very hungry.
I enjoyed it!

According to Fandango, the opening weekend
gross for this film was $11.1 million and 
was #4 for the weekend of August 8 - 10, 2014.

If you haven't been to an ArcLight Cinema,
you should check out this Hollywood location.

 A bird's eye view of the cafe, bar area, and main lobby.

Checkout the beverage menu at the bar,
they have film inspired cocktails.

They're also introducing a new wine list too.

Coffee, lattes, and shopping too...

"This place has got everything"
                                                                    Jake Blues
                                                   The Blues Brothers

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
Before leaving the theater, I was cast for a
cameo in @TammyLaLaLand's Tastemade video.
See it HERE

I'm such a geek!

The New menu items will debut 
September 2014

See You at the Movies!

ArcLight Cinema Hollywood
6360 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 464-1478

Thank You!
ArcLight Cinemas
Brianna Chavez
JD Cargill
Tait Forman
Gretchen McCourt
Stephanie Mussell
Steven Ramskill

NOTE:  I was a guest of ArcLight Cinemas and thank them
for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless otherwise noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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