The Church Key in West Hollywood

Photo Courtesy of The Church Key
When my food partner in crime, Kristie Hang, asked me
if I'd be interested in sampling The Church Key's
Summer menu, I didn't have to think twice.  

Photo Courtesy of The Church Key
 It's a very comfortable atmosphere,
loved the telephone booth in the hallway
with the rotary phone.
(when was the last time you saw a rotary phone?)

A very unique place with lots of cool
items to look at while having a great meal.

Pan Am beverage cart

Loving the old skool airline carts!

A frozen 'otter pop' style Purple Rain cocktail
made with liquid nitrogen.

On this night, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach
were the other options.

A fun way to enjoy a cocktail

Photo Courtesy of The Church Key
Cocktails prepared table side, just look for the airline beverage cart
and nitrogen attendant dressed as a flight attendant.

Too bad they couldn't make these cocktails at 30k feet...

See What Jay Eats...

Speaking of carts, The Church Key is known
for their American-style dim sum carts
that move through the restaurant
with small plates in the $5-$10 range.
The signature Pig's Ear Cheetos
with avocado mousse
available from one of the carts.

These were REALLY good, Cheetos will never be the same again.
Maybe I should have used AMAZING!

Photo Courtesy of The Church Key
At dinner, we were saying these were so good,
they need to bag them for sale.
There will be a line out the door...

Just like dim sum,
you get a card where they can place
stamps on your card.

If you'd like to stop with food from the carts,
 turn the card over to the blue side.

Heirloom Tomato Melon and Peach Salad
with Sheep's Milk Gouda and a Pickled Peach Vinaigrette  

I love this kind of salad, esp when ingredients are in season.

 Rigatoni Pasta
with Fennel Sausage 'Red Sauce'
and a Parmesan Espuma

For some reason, I wanted pasta.
For me, this was the surprise of the evening,
each component worked well together.
I would order this again.

Chicken Liver Parfait
with Blackberry Parfait 'jell-o', Toasted Brioche,
Smoked Sea Salt, and Chives.

Never had chicken livers and blackberries,
but it was a good combination.

Half Dozen Chilled Kushi Oysters
with pickled cherry mignonette  

Served very cold and delicious.

Would you like to see the Dessert menu?
Stonefruit "Cobbler"
Champagne Sabayon, Poached Nectarines, 
Peachy Plum Sherbet, and Brown Butter Streusel.

A peach cobbler turned up a few notches
and very good.

Brioche Donuts
with a Brown Butter Glaze and Cinnamon Caramel

This was a nice ending to an enjoyable
dining experience.

Photo Courtesy of @val_trippyfood
(From the Left) @KristieHang, @cuethecritic
@Chef_Jay, GM Joseph Sabato.
(Missing from photo @val_trippyfood)

It was a pleasure meeting other fellow
food aficionados @cuethecritic and @val_trippyfood

8730 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 249-3700

Thank You!
Chef Steven Fretz
Joseph Sabato
The Church Key

NOTE:  We were guests of The Church Key and thank them
for their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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