Sriracha Factory Tour - 2014

It's Chili Grinding Season!

If you've followed me, you know that there was an injunction on
production at Huy Fong Foods, neighbors complained about 
strong odors from the plant and filed an odor related lawsuit.  
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When Huy Fong Foods opens their doors 
during chili grinding season,
I wanted to check it out.

Arrived at the Huy Fong Foods Inc building for the 
Sriracha Factory Tour.

I see the rooster, now I feel better.

It was apparent that we were at the Sriracha factory.

David Tran, CEO and founder of Huy Fong Foods,
greeted us at the door.

I didn't realize the tour was a formal affair.

I've been on many food factory tours,
they're pretty much the same in terms of dress,
closed toed shoes, no jewelry, and
hairnets.  Once hairnets were on,
we entered the into the facility.

The tour begins through the finished goods area.

Finished goods are completed products ready
to be shipped to a retailer near you. 

We walked to the back of the factory,
trucks are lined up ready to unload freshly picked chilies.

Chili grinding season lasts for about 4 months.

The sides of the truck open up and chilies
fall into the hopper.

During chili season, about 30-40 truck loads of peppers
are received almost daily.

They only use fresh red jalapeño hybrid peppers
from their exclusive California grower,
Underwood Ranches.

These chills were picked earlier in the day.

This was the only time the peppers
were strong enough to get in the throat.
It was relatively mild by my account.

Chilis are washed and rinsed before entering the grinders.

Salt, vinegar, and 2 preservatives are added to the chills. 

Mixing the fresh chili base

The chili base is not cooked or roasted,
but made with fresh chili peppers and garlic.

The fresh chili base is pumped to the drum-filling station.

55-gal blue drums are filled.

The fresh chili base.

This is the base for the 3 Huy Fong Foods
different sauces:  

1.  Sriracha
2.  Chili Garlic
3.  Sambal Oelek

Drums are sealed and sent to the storage area
and await time to be made into one of their
3 products.

 Running into the company founder again.

The Huy Fong Food's Sriracha bottle begins
as a PET plastic preform.

Within a minute, the full size Sriracha bottle is produced
and label is silkscreened on.

Newly made bottles.

Bottles are filled and topped with the 
famous green top.

Finished bottles are being case packed.

A robot stacks cases on a pallet 
and ready for shipping.

These are HOT off the line...

 At the end of the tour.

See What Jay Eats...

 Sriracha Ice Cream,
a hint chili flavor with a bit of
heat at the finish.

 A trip to the Rooster Room
to checkout all of the Huy Fong Foods' merchandise.

 Too many to choose from...

 A gift before leaving,
an anniversary bottle and a T-shirt.

I got to meet CEO & company founder and "Mr Sriracha"
David Tran

It was a nice morning and a fun food tour.

To sign up for Sriracha Tours
Click HERE

Thank You!
Huy Fong Foods, Inc.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


Infinitrium said…
I wonder if Mr Tran would consider autographing a limited number of Sriracha bottles, maybe those could be auctioned off for a charity or something

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