Sake, Shochu, and Beer at Nisei Week 2014

It's Nisei Week!

"Nisei" in Japanese means 2nd Generation.
A Japanese American Celebration.

I was invited to the "Sake, Shochu, and Beer Tasting"
and one of the Nisei Week events.

Entering the room on the rooftop level

The room was filled with over 105 sake, shochu, 
and Japanese beers.

One of the highlights of the evening
was seeing Chef Katsu Michite

I used to go to his restaurant on Hillcrest in Los Feliz
many years ago.  The restaurant had no sign, I had
to look for the pile of salt to find the correct door. 
The waiting room was an art gallery and you'd then
enter the dining room and there was the sushi bar.
The plates and tea cups were hand-made by his brother.
It was almost like going to a private club
without having to be a member.

Salmon and Tuna Sushi
was part of tonight's menu.

Chef Katsu Michite

It was good seeing Katsu san again
and tasting his sushi once again.

Time to checkout the food outside
in the gardens


from Ajinomoto

Was a bit surprised they
didn't serve with their sauce.

from Yakitori Koshiji

Who doesn't like grilled meats?


Yes, there was a line for ramen

from Man Ichi 

It's a beautiful night
with lots to sample


Meaning "what you like" and grilled.
Ingredients added to a pancake-like batter

If you haven't been to the rooftop gardens at the
it's a beautiful spot Downtown.

Now back to the sake...

Sat in on the sake seminar

Miso Soup
is pretty good after sake
or should I say sakes?

Spicy Tuna Roll

I was wondering why roll was so thin...

A California Roll
inside a Sushi Poppers tube 

It reminds me of a Push Up.
Do you remember the push up ice cream
OR did I just show my age? lol

The Sushi Poppers Gang

With a 105 different sake, shochu, and beer,
there were a lot of samples.

A good variety and something for everyone.

My Favorite Sake Label
of the event.

If you'd like to attend next year,
follow Nisei Week HERE
Over 100 different sake, shochu, and Japanese beers...

David Kudo
Nisei Week

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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