Recap - Nisei Week Ramen Yokocho - 2014

During the Nisei Week celebration in Little Tokyo,
there was a Ramen Yokocho Festival
("Yokocho" is Japanese for "Alley Way").

In Japan, there are alley ways packed with ramen shops
right next to each other.

This weekend was busy for me,
I'm also working the 626 Night Market
in Arcadia.  But didn't want to miss the 
The Nisei Week Ramen Yokocho.

We got here early on Saturday
to find short lines.

It was a hot day and probably had more people
in the evening when it cooled down.

 Our first stop was Shoki Ramen House
from Sacramento.

They served a soy milk broth with tomato noodles,
which I heard are gluten-free, with mushrooms,
tomatoes, and greens.

I loved the use of vegetables and liked the noodles.
The broth was good, but without any protein
fat, not a lot of rich flavor.  It was light and
I get it.  If I lived in Sacramento, I would order
this on a regular basis.

Enjoying Shoki Ramen
with the tomato noodles.

I wore the wrong shirt to the wrong food event,
there are just too many food events going on...

Next up was Tsujita...

They served a special pork and fish broth,
which is not served in their Los Angeles restaurants.

A bit too much fish for me.

From Iroha, a Toyama Black Shoyu Ramen.

It was a cool sounding name, thought to give it a try...

Iroha's Toyama Black Shoyu Ramen

You know I was loving the green onions!
I really enjoyed this one.

Planning for the heat, lots of tents,
tables and chairs were set up.

They filled up pretty quick...

Our last bowl was from Shin Sen Gumi.
It was a special Satsuma Ramen
from Kyushu, Kagoshima.

A chicken, pork, and vegetable broth
with thick noodles.

I'm not a thick noodle fan, so this wasn't
a favorite of mine.

Someone awhile ago asked me if Shin Sen Gumi
has a food truck?  I don't think this is what she had
in mind when she asked me.

If ramen isn't your thing, try takoyaki or kushikatsu perhaps...

I haven't had a good kushikatsu since my last
trip to Japan.

 Kushikatsu is skewered items
dipped in batter and rolled in panko
before deep frying.

This was a very good kushikatsu.

Asparagus, chicken wing, zucchini, and
forgot what the 4th piece is.

Visit them in West Los Angeles

Kushikatsu Tanaka
2004 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 575-1555

I wished I had more time to try more
ramen and some of the other food.
I also missed the gyoza eating contest too.
Unfortunately, I was cooking at the 626 Night Market
and couldn't stay too long.

Follow Ramen Yokocho HERE

The next Los Angeles Ramen Yokocho
is October 18 & 19, 2014
at the Pomona Fairgrounds.

Tomoko Imade Dyen
Ramen Yokocho

Heading back over to 
626 Night Market...
See more HERE 

NOTE:  I was a guest of Ramen Yokocho and thank them for 
their invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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