Inaugural Monterey Park Night Market - July 2014

The Inaugural Monterey Park Night Market
July 25, 2014
Barnes Park
Monterey Park, California

Arrived just after 5 pm,
food trucks and booths all over the park.

It was nice to explore the park and to see food
trucks in different areas.

Saw a few familiar food vendors 

Swirls Potato and Lemonade  

Lots of flavors to choose from...

See What Jay Eats...

Tried their new flavor, Ketchup

What goes better with a fried potato than ketchup?

It was a very familiar flavor

from Tanota Takoyaki 

It reminds me of my last visit to Japan,
a festival street food item.

Sticky Rice is here
from Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. 

A new food item to try


Waiting for our Sticky Rice Burger,
the BBQ Chicken looks good too 

 Thai Basil Pork Sticky Rice Burger

It was good, but if you don't eat it right away,
the rice starts to fall apart.

Dessert Time!

Not only food, but entertainment too

Watching the 626 Movemeant Presents:  

AND later the Beatles Tribute Show

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
Stopped by the Akufuncture Booth
and got a change of wardrobe.

15 minutes from now, this area will be packed with people. 

Someone said they have duck at the MPK Night Market

I was thinking the "duck" was in the food area...

Shopping too...

Too many good choices...

 Food trucks galore
and a dining area with tables

 My friends from Fluff Ice are here too.

It was a long line, longer than anything I've
seen at their store, which less than 2 miles away...

 If you're wondering what Fluff Ice is...

Just one of the artists in the Art Walk area

It's a beautiful evening

Lots of food trucks, a few food booths, shopping,
entertainment, and a beer garden (didn't get over there).

It's the same day as the Monterey Park Farmers Market
(which is on the street),
but I got over there too late for corn...
The BONUS is the overlap with the farmers market.

My only problem is the parking.
we got there early and parked a block away.
Saw a ton of cars looking for parking when we left.

Otherwise, it seemed to be a nice event,
things to do with the kids, entertainment,
and good variety of food and drinks.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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