Tastemade Bite Club Under the Stars

I've been a fan of Tastemade videos, it gives me an idea of food places I want to try and an introduction to new restaurants and/or events.  Thanks Tastemade for the invitation to the "Under the Stars" event and the opportunity to sample delicious dishes from around town.

Bite Club
"Under the Stars"

Doubletree Hotel's Rooftop Garden
Los Angeles

See What Jay Eats...

You know it's a good night
when you start off with dessert

Awesome combination!

from Tatsu in West Los Angeles

Got my noodles!

 Good food and drinks in a beautiful 
garden setting above Little Tokyo

 Seafood Ceviche
from Ayara Thai in Westchester

I love anything with citrus and a crunch

Corn Meal Crusted Pork 
over Brussels Sprouts with rhubarb compote, 
from Local Table in Downtown Los Angeles

Love Brussels Sprouts!

 Lots more food to taste
and people to meet at this
event Under the Stars

Ran into friends I haven't seen in awhile,
maybe I should attend more food events...

 Kale Salad
from DOMA Kitchen in Redondo Beach

One of my favorite salads

Orecchiette with truffle and peas
in a mushroom sauce from
Artisan House in Downtown Los Angeles

Who doesn't love fresh pasta?
It was that good...

 Ran into an old friend,
Chef Jason Park
of Ramekin in Los Feliz

An amazing selection of ice cream
and an incredible cherry tart tonight

Cherry Tart
from Ramekin

Chef Jason gets his cherries from
Murray Family Farms in Bakersfield
and I can see why, they're great.
He said they're just seasoned 
with lemon juice, no sugar.
They're just that delicious.

Thank You
for the invitation.

There were a few more restaurants and beverage vendors
at the event, unfortunately wasn't able to get to everyone.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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