Taste of South Coast Plaza - June 2014

As a college student, I had two jobs, one was talking my way into the prep kitchen (of a restaurant I had no business being in) and working my way up to the sauté station within 2 months.  Not bad for someone with no previous kitchen experience (years later went to cooking school).  My other college job was sales in Men's Sportswear at Nordstrom, not just any Nordstrom but the busiest store in the Los Angeles region (at the time).  If you knew me back then, you'd find me in the food court wearing a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes all from Nordstrom. Today I'm usually wearing a polo shirt & shorts.

Put a food event together (and invite food people) with shopping at South Coast Plaza and you know I was there...  Not to mention that I'm starting to spend more time in Orange County and need to stay on top of the restaurants in the area.

Of course I started off this tasting with dessert,
served in an area sectioned off in the Crystal Court.

Our hostess, Kristie Hang,
welcoming the invited guests
to sample the menu offerings 
from the various South Coast Plaza 
participating restaurants.

See What Jay Eats...

The Italian and the Turkey sandwich
from Z Cafe

This was a good start, love sandwiches
that use good ingredients.
Save room for their cookies too...

Lomi Salmon 

Had the pleasure of meeting 
Executive Chef Michael Doctulero.
Got to hear a bit of his using products from
local farms and sustainable fisheries.

I'll be in to sample more! 

Had a nice chat with Tiffany Teixeira and Morton's chef.

I found out that Morton's Santa Ana
has some wonderful events throughout the year. 

A Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich
from Morton's The Steakhouse

Nuff said...

Orecchiette Pasta with Marinara

I could've eaten the entire pan,
love when a dish is simple
and let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Prime Rib Sandwich
with horseradish cream and house-made chips,
with a side of the famous creamed corn

It brings back memories of my family's dinners at
Lawry's The Prime Rib for special occasions.
Notice how much horseradish cream, love it!

With some new friends,
notice who's still eating?

I love meeting food people and sharing food information.

But today, I was talking so much, didn't get
a chance to sample all of the food
and meet all of the participating restaurants.

Here's a list of the other participants

Season's 52
Vie de France

When I'm shopping, I'm usually thinking what can I get that's fast
and convenient?  Not what's good?
There are a lot of good restaurant choices at South Coast Plaza

Not to mention the Opening of Din Tai Fung
in August 2014.

Thank You!
Sarah Kruer

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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