Star Wars Day 2014

Today is Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth
be with you...

I happened to be Downtown this weekend
 and stopped in at the Star Wars Legion
Stormtropper exhibit
at the Robert Vargas Gallery
in Downtown Los Angeles. 

If you don't know what an
Imperial Stormtrooper is,
here's the whole uniform.

This exhibit is mainly decorated 
Stormtrooper helments
from Disney, Pixar, ILM, and LucasFilm artists
and some celebrity fans from around the world.  
Read more about the exhibit HERE

Here are some of my food favorites

Tacos Imperial

Who doesn't like an intergalactic taco truck? 


I'm thinking Jiffy Pop.
Did I just show my age? 

Trooper Trooper with Cheese, Vaders Taters,
and an R2T2 Sweet Tea

Droid Style? 

Could this be trooper side up? 

Hard Boiled

My guess it's from Dark Side Farms

Love the Death Star yolk... 

Now for Dessert

 FANcy Cake

That would make a great cake


Now that's a cupcake!

One trooper scoop, please.

Here's some other favorites

Yellow Submarine 

 Cousteau Trooper


Trooper Terrarium 

Since I worked on The Rocketeer
while I was at Disney...

Spoiler Alert!

The Pink Stormtrooper
is actually
Hello Kitty!

I didn't know either...

Happy Star Wars Day!

This exhibit at the Robert Vargas Gallery
runs through May 4, 2014.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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