Hidden Little Tokyo: Oomasa Restaurant

As part of the 130th Anniversary of Little Tokyo (2014), I've been spending time visiting some of my old favorite places and being introduced to new ones in Little Tokyo.  One of my favorites for sushi is Oomasa Restaurant on the 1st Street entrance to Japanese Village Plaza.

Oomasa Restaurant

Located at the entrance to Japanese Village Plaza,
just off of 1st Street

One of the participating restaurants of the
2014 Taste of Little Tokyo

Read my 2014 Taste of Little Tokyo HERE

See What Jay Eats...

When I do visit Oomasa, I usually come in for sushi

 Halibut Sushi
with salt and yuzukosho

This is my favorite way to eat white fish,
add a squeeze of lemon too...

Spanish Mackerel

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin 

It was very good,
but then again I've had really good seafood here.

Ending the meal with the head of the 
Santa Barbara Sweet Shrimp
in miso soup

Man cannot live on sushi alone,
I know a lot of you will disagree.
Please no DM.

Shioyaki Salmon
(grilled salmon seasoned with salt)
served with rice and miso soup

On a Hot Day,
Zaru Soba is great!
(cold buckwheat noodles)

Don't forget to get your
2014 Taste of Little Tokyo stamp!

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
I got my stamp after lunch.

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Hang
1 more stamp to go to be entered in the 
2014 Taste of Little Tokyo drawing.

Oomasa Restaurant
100 Japanese Village Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 623-9048

Open 11:30 to Midnight
Closed on Tuesdays

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Unless noted
Jay Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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