The Noodle Epilogue: Los Angeles Ramen Yokocho 2014

If you've followed my ramen adventure last week, you knew that I attended the 2014 Los Angeles Ramen Yokocho at Santa Anita Park.  I was able to sample 8 different bowls of ramen, run into friends, see horse racing, and had a lot of noodles.

Tsujita Tokyo

One of my favorites of the day

This year's Ramen Yokocho was with
the "Tokyo City Cup" event at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia.

Before the gates opened at 11 am, there was already a line.

If you arrived early, the lines were pretty short
at the popular ramen vendors. 

Lots of boiling pots of ramen stock and noodles.

It was a day filled with lots of noodles
and tonkotsu ramen (pork broth).

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It's now a week later, it was time to have some noodles.
It was after the Sunday lunch rush and no line, no waiting.

See What Jay Eats... 

Hakata Ramen at Shin Sen Gumi.

Extra Ginger Please... 

If you've never been to Shin Sen Gumi, 
they greeting you as you walk in,
they shout out your order, and thank you when you leave.  
When you sit down,you are given a menu and an order sheet.
(BTW, there is only one style of soup base here)  
You're asked how you would like your noodles cooked, 
the strength of the soup base, 
how much oil you would like, 
and if you don't want any of the basic condiments to note it 
(ginger, green onions, and sesame seeds).

You do get slices of chashu pork, but can order other items
at an additional charge.

I check off "Normal" for all of them and write in "Extra Ginger."

You're served your bowl of Hakata Style Ramen,

As you're finishing your noodles, the servers will
ask if you'd like an extra noodle 

I opted for the "extra" noodle for 95 cents.

Of course I asked for more ginger...

But you already know this if you follow
me on Instagram.


Fountain Valley
Gardena (2)
Little Tokyo
West Los Angeles

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay  Eats Worldwide
©Jay Terauchi


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