Horse Thief BBQ at Grand Central Market

I love BBQ, although I don't have it that often.  After visiting places in the Midwest and South, it's hard to have good BBQ in Southern California.  Yes, we have tri-tip, baby back ribs, chicken, etc., but not many places here actually smoke meats.  We don't have brisket like in Texas, until Horse Thief BBQ opened that is...

Horse Thief BBQ is just outside of Downtown Los Angeles' Grand Central Market, just South of the Hill Street entrance.  On a nice day, it's great to have BBQ outdoors.

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1/2 lb Brisket

Nice smoke ring and bark.

One of the best briskets I've had West of Texas.

Spare Ribs

Had a nice crust on the outside and flavor.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Great pulled pork too

Mac n Cheese

I love mac and cheese with bbq.

Blue Cheese Potato Salad

If you like blue cheese, you'll love this salad

Pulled Pork Sandwich Combo
with two sides and
pickles & onions

Loved that the BBQ comes with house-made pickles 
and onions and served on paper.

Brisket Taco
with red onions, jalapeños, and crema
on a flour tortilla.
(Daily Special)

1/4 lb Brisket
with a small Mac n Cheese

Scored some of the point and got
some fatty slices.

Since they opened in July 2013, I've been about a dozen times.  They have great brisket and love the pulled pork sandwich too.  But I do go for the brisket, IMO one of the best West of Texas.  Horse Thief BBQ has outdoor seating, which seems to have more and more people each time I visit.  If you go, look for me having brisket or a pulled pork sandwich...

Photo Courtesy of Horse Thief BBQ
Horse Thief BBQ now serves 10 beers on tap (starting at $4)
and a selection of wines.

Horse Thief BBQ
Grand Central Market
324 S Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 625-0341

11 am - 4 pm
(unless they sell out early)

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide


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