That's What a Hamburger's All About

Growing up in Southern California, we'd see TV commercials with Los Angeles Ram Jack Youngblood eating a Double-Double (LA Rams, yes it was a long time ago).  There wasn't the Internet to look up where to find an In-n-Out Burger location, just the phone book, remember those?  BUT, I was fortunate to attend a high school that had an In-n-Out Burger down the street.  I have to say, after all of these years, In-n-Out Burger still tastes the SAME!

The Original Replica of In-n-Out Burger
in Baldwin Park, California

Actually this is the second location, the first location is where
the freeway overpass is now located.

Having business in the area, I've driven by this
Original location many times.  It was sad to see
history torn down, but glad that they replaced it
with a replica of the original 10 x 10 building.

In October 1948, the first "Drive-Thru" in California opened.

 Love the prices...

The buildings and signs may not look like this anymore,
but the food and the quality that Harry and Esther Snyder
created still lives on...

See What Jay Eats...

Now it was time to cross to the other side of the freeway
and get something to eat.

Just like how I remember it from high school...

The original replica does not serve any food or drinks,
there is a full service restaurant and company store
on the other side of the freeway.

The Replica of the Original In-n-Out Burger
Thursday - Sunday:
11 am - 2 pm

Francisquito Avenue and I-10 Freeway
in Baldwin Park, California

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats Worldwide


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