Korean Duck BBQ

Restaurant has Closed
Gung Jung Sulrangtang & Duck
in Stanton, California

For those who follow me on Instagram, know that I love Korean food.  I love eating soondubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew), bibimbap, and anything grilled.  So when I heard I can have Korean style bbq with duck, I had to check it out... 

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Smoked Duck 

The smoked duck comes with various vegetable 
wrap options and served with white kim chee
and accompanying pickles.

The smoked duck was really good,
I could've eaten each component separately.

Note:  I forgot to take pictures of the banchans (side dishes),
was too busy enjoying the Korean food discussion,
but I will say that they were delicious.

The grill was brought out and was time for
Duck BBQ!

Gung Jung gets their ducks fresh each day,
you can tell by the vibrant color.

There's nothing like cooking vegetables
in duck fat.

I even enjoyed the red peppers, something
I haven't enjoyed since working at my first restaurant.
I sliced and diced red bell peppers for days...

For me, the mushrooms were the best!

After the duck was cooked, the pickled onions
were great with the grilled duck
AND dip the cooked duck in the vinegar,
even better!

Gung Jung Sulrangtang serves this with mustard
that you can add to the pickled vinegar to enhance
the dipping sauce.

I loved the bean rice 

Once the bbq was completed,
duck stock was set up at the table

Another plate of fresh duck was brought out

A beautiful plate of vegetables arrived too... 

Duck Shabu Shabu!

Great tasting with the duck stock
and loved all of the fresh vegetables.

In some respects, this was my favorite of
the night, maybe because it was so different
and something I've never had before.

Once the shabu shabu was completed; 
rice, an egg, and seaweed were mixed in.

It was a good end to a delicious meal.

But Wait, there was more...
Spicy Duck Bone Soup

Since we were at a duck restaurant,
we tried the duck bone soup,
it's spicy but with a great flavor.

I learned that every Korean meal
has soup served near the end.

Now that I think about it, my Korean friends would
opt for soup and the non-Koreans, like me, 
would have the kim chee fried rice...

I don't eat much rice anyway,
as my dad would say, "are you sure you're Asian?"
But I do love kim chee fried rice!

Some might say they don't like duck because it's too oily,
gamey tasting, etc.  Once you have really fresh poultry,
served in a simple way, it's really good.  I don't usually eat a 
lot of duck, but then again I've never had it grilled like this or
 in shabu shabu. 

I'll be back to Gung Jung Sulrangtang & Duck!

Gung Jung Sulrangtang & Duck
10330 Beach Blvd.
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 484-1008

Monday - Sunday 8 am - 10 pm

They have some great sounding morning specials,
but that will have to wait for another time...

Note:  I was a guest of Gung Jung Sulrangtang.
Portions shown in these pictures are not necessarily 
the portions served during regular hours.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

 Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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