An Evening at Roy's Pasadena

It has been many many years since I first dined at Chef Roy Yamaguchi's first restaurant in Los Angeles, 385 North.  You may remember the exterior of the restaurant, it was used in the movie "Beverly Hills Cop." The restaurant has since closed, but I knew that Chef Roy was ahead of his time.

Since then, I've been to original Roy's in Hawaii Kai on Oahu, on Maui (sorry Paula, not the one you worked at), the Big Island of Hawaii, and a few Roy's on the mainland (Including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, La Jolla, and Rancho Mirage).  Each is unique, with great food and exceptional service.  

On this night, I was down the street at
Roy's Pasadena

 See What Jay Eats...

Clams and Mussels

They could've poured the broth in a coffee cup
and I would've been happy, it was that good!

Shrimp Starter

It was almost too nice to eat,
loved the mini watermelon looking cucumbers.

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
with Japanese rice cracker dust

First of all, great uni, hey I'm from California,
but great texture with the rice crackers.
A nice dish!

Ono with green tea soba noodles
and a yuzu vinagrette.

I could've eaten these noodles all day long,
love soba and yuzu.
BTW, the fish was cooked perfectly,
but that shouldn't be a surprise at Roy's.

Surf and Turf Time!
Beef with scallops AND risotto

The beef and scallops were cooked just right,
I love it when meat is cooked on the bone, more flavor.
The added bonus was the risotto. 

Squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta and bacon,
served with corn ice cream.

 I would've been satisfied with the
squash blossoms and ice cream for dessert.

there's more...

You know you're having something special
when liquid nitrogen is set up and 
chefs appear table side.

A modern twist on ice cream making
or should I say using science to make
ice cream.  No matter how you freeze it,
it was a great dessert and performance.

Chris Kadohiro
Chef Chris George
Robbyn Shim

NOTE:  I was treated to a wonderful evening by Roy's Pasadena
and thank them for their hospitality.
All comments and opinions expressed are my own.

Photos by Robbyn Shim
Lighting by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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