Hong Kong Live at The Grove

Hong Kong Live
at The Grove
June 14 - 16, 2013

A friend had mentioned "Hong Kong Live"
to me last week
and asked if I wanted to checkout
the Opening Ceremony on Friday.

As usual, I was busy working,
but when he mentioned cooking demos on Sunday,
I told him I'd rearrange my Sunday schedule.

The Grove
was beautifully decorated with
colorful fish throughout the complex

The weekend was filled with cultural events,
demonstrations, music, dance,
and a whole lotta Michelin Stars...

See What Jay Eats...
(OK, I didn't eat at this one)

Chef Kwai-pui Mak
Michelin Star
Tim Ho Wan 

I remember reading about this dim sum restaurant
in the New York Times years ago and was on the 
top of my Hong Kong list of restaurants to visit.
I wasn't surprised when Anthony Bourdain
visited on "The Layover"

Chef Kwai-pui Mak,
being the dim sum specialist,
demonstrated siu mai for the crowd.

When a Michelin starred chef talks,
one listens carefully...

 Chef Kam-fu Cheng
Two Michelin Stars
Celebrity Cuisine

Chef Cheng demonstrated
a Deep Fried Crab Claw stuffed
with Minced Shrimp.

 Once the chef demonstrated,
it was audience participation time.

A few of the early birds got to sit up front
and prepped the same dish after each chef.

Chef Cheng
inspecting crab claws to ensure
each had enough breading
and had met his standards.

Everyone passed...

 It was a beautiful afternoon and one
of the best events I've attended at
The Grove.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long enough
for Chef Mango Tsang of Ming Court's demonstration,
Pan-Seared Chicken & Chestnuts Coated in Bold Black Truffles Butter.

But before I left, I did get to meet 
Chef Kwai-pui Mak
of Tim Ho Wan.

Hopefully he remembers me when I show up
at his Hong Kong restaurant.

Will have to figure out another business trip to
the Far East again...

Thank You
it was a great event

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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