No Sushi Chef Required!


Yes, No Sushi Chef Required!

It's been about 7 years since I last looked at sushi robots and I'm sure the technology has improved vastly since then.  

I was invited to see some of the latest sushi robots at Suzumo International Corporation, one of the handful of companies producing such equipment.  Suzumo's tagline is "We Love Rice" and after seeing their robots in action, I can see why.  

Being trained in sushi, there are many factors that can affect the final sushi piece.  The main factor is the rice, it can be overworked and starchy or the grains smashed together.  The rice in sushi should be individual grains and not packed too tight.

Suzumo Sushi Robot

Suzumo's Kiyoto san demonstrates
the 30 cup sushi rice mixer

He adds in steamed rice, sushi vinegar,
the mixing attachment, and hits the button.

There are 3 different presets that you can use,
based on rice volume and mixing time.

After 4 minutes in the mixer,
the sushi rice is ready.

No rice on the floor here...

I've been to restaurants and had rice that has been 
over mixed and mushy, but each rice grain 
here was in tact and had a nice flavor.

And it only took 4 minutes 
(vs. 20 minutes by hand).

I'm sold...

50 Cup Sushi Rice Mixer
for larger volumes.

Kiyoto san filling the hopper
with sushi rice.

Confused as to how a robot can make sushi?

Watch this video...

Make sense now?

 For food service, the sushi rolls and nigiri sushi
comes out consistent in size and texture.

The only way to mess this up is not steaming
the rice correctly...

Kiyoto san demonstrates how the nigiri sushi
robot can form the rice piece, an operator
places fish on top, and then the robot
individually wrap each nigiri piece.

The only thing it doesn't do is dip it in
soy sauce and wasabi for you.

 (Left) Kiyoto Takachiyo (Suzumo), Lam, and Jesse Hiraki

We all enjoyed the demonstration!

Thank you for allowing me to join in.

1815 W 205th Street, Suite 101 
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-0400

Photos and Video by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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