Aloha Festival 2012

The Aloha Festivals showcase Hawai'i culture, music, dance, and history.  The intent is to preserve the unique island traditions and spread Aloha.

I was fortunate to be on O'ahu for this year's Waikiki Hoolaulea, Hawaii's largest block party. It's been years since I've participated/attended one of the many Aloha Festivals, I competed in the Sam Choy Poke Festival on the Big Island back in 2003.  But this year, no stress from competing and just to enjoy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012
7:00 pm 
Free Admission

Celebrating its 60th year and the 2012 theme of Ho'onui Ike

On Kalakaua Avenue
between Lewers & Kapahulu Avenues

The largest block parties I've ever attended

 Multiple stages of entertainment, vendors,
Hawaiian crafts, and lots of food.

Speaking of Food...

 From the North Shore, Giovanni's Shrimp is here!

 Can smell the butter and garlic from down the street

The line's already forming...

How can you not love this?

 Yup, there's the line...

 Lots of craft vendors of all kinds...

 Oh, I smell more garlic shrimp!

 This vendor has a long line too...

Yum, more garlic shrimp!

 What a variety of food...

 Food so good, even Duke is impressed...

Duke Kahanamoku
known for spreading the sport of surfing worldwide
(among other achievements)

 Not only food, but food products too...

 Chili Pepper Water

A local favorite...

Do you remember when rice bags were
made from fabric?

 Almost Sunset Time!

Now back to the food...

 Food products from the North Shore seemed
to be a big hit at the festival.

 OK, Now I'm happy...Manapua!

Manapua is a local favorite, like a char siu bao
you'd find at a dim sum restaurant

 Pork Hash
(siu mai)

Manapua, pork hash, and shrimp?

Now we're talking...

 Too busy with the manapua
and missed the sunset.

But here's a nice shot of Diamond Head

 One of the longest lines of the night was at
Olay's Thai Food

 Large variety of Thai food,
the line went around the booth

 The Aloha Festival isn't just all about
food and local crafts
but music too.

Right in front of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

One of the stages
at Lewers Street

 After sunset, more people came out
and Waikiki was the place to be.

Lots of great food, music, crafts, culture,
AND Aloha!
It's really about the people and the spirit...

I was glad I was here to attend,
I ran into some friends, had some good food,
and enjoyed the entertainment.

If you're on Oahu next September,
be sure to check it out...


NOTE:  I was a guest in Honolulu of the Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau
O'ahu Visitors Bureauand their partners on this trip.
I thank them for the invitation and hospitality.
All comments and opinions are strictly my own.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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