Hawai'i's Hottest Bartenders

Having spent a couple of weeks in Hawai'i, you could imagine how hard it was getting back to the daily routine. Thinking back to all of the great food, drinks and incredible sunsets, too bad I couldn't bring it all back with me. You did follow my April 2012 Hawaii Food Adventure, right? I can, however, make some incredible island cocktails at home with help from award winning Hawai'i mixologists.

You've probably seen these mixologists on Food TV and The Travel Channel, as they were voted Hawai'i Hottest Bartenders by Forbes Travel Guide. Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara are behind-the-bar at Duke's Waikiki creating award winning cocktails.

Photo by David Croxford

With Mother's Day on Sunday, it's ironic that this cocktail that happened to be created on a Mother's Day. While setting up this backyard BBQ brunch, they noticed the fresh herbs in the yard and thus the MAMA-JITO was created...

Here's the famous recipe:

Jessie Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara

This recipe yields approximately 4 drinks

1 lime, thinly sliced
10 - 15 fresh mint sprigs*
8 fresh basil sprigs*
1 tsp ginger syrup*
4 - 5 candied ginger pieces*
6 oz pear vodka
16 oz sweet-and-sour mix
4 oz club soda

In a large 30-oz pitcher, combine lime, mint, basil, ginger syrup and candied ginger. Muddle until aromas from the herbs are released and the candied ginger is broken into fragments. Add vodka and sweet-and-sour mix; stir well. Pour into tall glass filled with ice and top each drink with about 1 oz of club soda. Garnish with a mint or basil leaf.

* - Ingredients can be adjusted to taste. Like a sweeter drink? Add more candied ginger and a touch more ginger syrup. More herb ally inclined? You know what to do...

It's sweet and fresh.

Recipe from "The Cocktail Handbook"

Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara
Duke's Waikiki
Photo courtesy of Watermark Publishing

Over 80 great drink recipes and bar tips
can be found in their book...

The Cocktail Handbook: Cool Drinks from Hawai'i's Hottest Bartenders
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