Hawaii Food Adventure: Day 6

Hawaii Food Adventure
Day 6

Met up with friends Jason and Robbyn for lunch at The Pineapple Room by Alan Wong at Ala Moana Center. Haven't been here in years, maybe back in the Liberty House days. Yes, that long ago. I just did the math and my last visit was in 2003, so I believe that it might have been a Macy's by then. Regardless, it was a long time ago.

Executive Chef Lance Kosaka
sent out a starter

Very good, loved the pesto

Salmon Ochazuke

Salmon on top of white rice with
tea or dash poured around it

Kalua Pork BLT Sandwich

I love BLT's and really enjoyed this one
and needed the salad...have you seen what
I've been eating?

Catch of the Day!

The Desserts here are Unbelievable!


Pineapple Sorbet

Duh, it's the Pineapple Room

It was a very nice lunch and catching up with my two friends
was Priceless...

Mahalo to Executive Chef
Lance Kosaka!

The Pineapple Room
by Alan Wong
1450 Ala Moana Blvd. Ste 1300
3rd floor of Macy's
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 945-6573

After lunch, had a couple of things to pick up at the mall, so I headed to Shirokiya and took a look at the food.

2nd Floor
Macy's side

My Favorite Snack

Fried Shrimp Musubi
(in rice and seaweed)

Not a bad price

Bentos too
Kinda expensive for what it is...

Ramen Bar
They rotate in different ramen shops from Japan

It was time to head over to Doraku Sushi in the Royal Shopping Center in Waikiki for dinner.

Chef Hide Yoshimoto
had reserved a spot for me

1st Course Appetizer

Ahi Carpaccio

served over a bed of sweet onions & seaweed
with radish sprouts and toasted garlic.

Very Good!

By this time, my friend Jason joined me for dinner.
Of course, he knows Chef Hide...

Seared Scallops

with plum paste and shiso leaves
over lemons

If you love scallops, you'll love this dish...

The Sashimi Course

Although I live in Los Angeles
and we get good fish,
we don't get fish this good...

Mushrooms Tempura
wrapped with fish
and served with a special sauce

Very creative and delicious!

A Chef Hide Special

All I'll say at this point,
it was good and to possibly look for it in the future.

With Chef Hide Yoshimoto

Mahalo Chef Hide!
It was a pleasure and an honor

If you're in Waikiki, head to Doraku Sushi
for good Japanese food and sushi
and let Chef Hide (He-Day)
know that I said Hi...

Doraku Sushi
2233 Kalakaua Ave.
3rd Floor Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 922-3323

Tomorrow, it's off to Maui!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
©Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats


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