Tater Tot Fryday!

Today is FryDay!
September 16th

Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda

I've been going to Fab Hot Dogs when they first opened, they only had about 10 seats inside and were next door to a pizza place. Since those early days, it's been maybe 4 years, they've grown to a larger space and menu. But the food is still good...

My first visit, I had a ripper and their slaw dog with tater tots. They do a great slaw dog there and is one of my favorites and highly recommended.

But today I opted for the Monte Christo Dog...

Monte Christo Dog

Grilled turkey dog with grilled Taylor ham melted Swiss cheese
and strawberry jam

Opted for "The Meal Deal"
and a 20 oz fountain drink or iced tea
for $2.75

I liked the Monte Christo Dog, but had just too much jam in it.
It was on the sweet side and overpowered the ham and cheese.
The bun was toasted just right tho...

But the tots were great as always!

19417 1/2 Victory Blvd
at Tampa
Reseda, CA 91335


Photo by Jay Terauchi


Culinary Cara said…
My favorite fries are sweet potato fries! Soooo good :)

After seeing this post about hot dogs though, it's a head scratcher for me. Down here in Texas, hot dogs aren't really considered a real food. It's usually the extra protein we throw on the grill so the kids will eat something. Up north, however, hot dogs have a cult following. Maybe I haven't had a truly good Northern dog. I have much to learn about the coney world, lol!

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