Ramen Monday - September 5

OK, so it's NOT ramen...
But Happy Ramen Monday and Labor Day!

I'm getting ready for my Hawaii trip and was getting in the Hawaii spirit today. So, I busted out the S&S Saimin packages from the freezer and made it the way I like it.

Saimin is Hawaii's version of noodle soup and truly a local Hawaii creation. It's a cross between many of the local cultures in Hawaii. Back in the 1930's, the broth was made with kelp and dried shrimp, similar to the Japanese dashi (kelp and bonito flakes). Add in some Chinese noodles and chasu (BBQ pork) to the broth. Top off with garnishes like shreds of egg, green onions, and slices of fish cake. This is what I know to be saimin!

S&S Saimin

With chashu (BBQ pork) and green onions

This is the way I like it...

When I get to Hawaii at the end of the month, I'll be enjoying saimin with a side of teriyaki beef sticks too... Stay Tuned!

Pass the Hot Mustard!

Photo by Jay Terauchi


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