Ramen Monday - August 15

It's Ramen Monday!

Mottainai Ramen

This was my second visit to Mottainai. This time I ordered the Yokohama Pork Freaker (Mild), the first time I had the Tokyo Sho-yu Props ($6.95) with the White Bomb ($1.50).

Yokohama Pork Freaker (Mild)
Bamboo shoots, green onions, chashu, and nori

Not really a fan, but interesting syrupy broth
Flavor was good, just wasn't a fan of the broth texture.

Gyoza (5 piece)

Forgot to order the White Bomb (garlic flavor extra) for $1.50, they also have a Red Bomb (spicy) too. It adds a bit of garlic flavor or spiciness to the broth.

Overall, the service was really good, gyoza was above average but a bit greasy, noodles cooked well, but should have ordered the Tokyo Sho-yu Props ramen instead. Live and learn...

You can order a larger portion or extra noodle too...

See you next Monday!

Pacific Square
1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Suite 9
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-3233
Closed Tuesdays

Photos by Jay Terauchi


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