Ramen Monday - July 11

Yes, it's Ramen Monday again...

I was in the area of Tamaya in Alhambra, so I stopped in for a quick bite. Earlier, I had picked up some Asian ingredients from the Japanese market for a chef friend, should be refrigerated but not that hot out yet. So, I'm short on time today and ordered gyoza ramen, ahh two-in-one.

Gyoza Ramen

Brought the bag of items into the restaurant, wonder if anyone thought I brought in my own food? The great thing, from the time I ordered, until the time I left...15 mins and it was a two-fer.

Have a great RAMEN MONDAY and start to the week!

See you Next Monday!

Would love to hear your ramen recommendations!

Tamaya in Alhambra
is now closed.

Photo by Jay Terauchi
Jay Eats
©Jay Terauchi


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