National Lasagna Day!

July 29th is National Lasagna Day!

Growing up, my mom would always try to incorporate more and more vegetables into her lasagna. Once she went overboard and it was almost like a vegetable terrine. Back then, my mom was way ahead of her time. I did grow up to appreciate a great sauce tho...

Hard to say where lasagna originated from, some say it's an ancient Greek dish and others a Greek pasta dish with flat pasta. I just want to know how the Italian version came to America to have some restaurants mess it up? Guess grandma can't be everywhere...

Classic Lasagna
Lunch Special
at a local pizzeria

You can imagine what their pizza looked like and why I went this route...

There was a great deli nearby that I would go every week, sometimes for the lasagna and other times for the baked pasta special. I got lazy and would buy their sauce and then go home to make something. Until the owner messed up his deli, bakery, and restaurant (all 3 under the same roof). Not sure what this guy was thinking, he took out the bakery to add a sports bar, I'm thinking ego. He added bar tables and 8 TVs. It seemed that it was more for the deli customers while they waited for their order or to eat there. In the times that I was there, didn't really see anyone ordering drinks. After 9 months, it was a drain on the business and the entire operation closed. There goes my favorite lasagna and friendly faces behind the deli counter.


Jay Terauchi
Kahuna of the Kitchen


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