National Hot Dog Month!

July is National Hot Dog Month!

There are way too many hot dog places to visit in a month. Here's two favorites:

The Guadalajara Dog

mustard, sweet relish, diced onions, diced tomatoes, and sour cream

Pink's Famous Hot Dogs
709 N LaBrea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Top Dog Frankfurter
with Stoneground Mustard
All Beef - Kosher Style

One of my all time favorite hot dog places...

Top Dog #1 (Southside)
2534 Durant Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

What's a good hot dog without a great mustard?


Bertman Ball Park Mustard
Cleveland, Ohio

While at an Indians game at Jacobs Field in '97, I was introduced to Cleveland's Famous Ball Park Mustard. It's a brown mustard that has a vinegar flavor and works really well with hot dogs, sandwiches, and anything you'd use mustard on. The hard part is finding this mustard outside of Cleveland. Yes, I buy it by the case directly from the company...

Pass the Mustard, Let's Eat!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
(c) Kahuna of the Kitchen


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