Happy Fryday! - July 29

Today is the Last Fryday of July 2011!

I have a couple of favorite places for French Fries, one of them being Wing Stop. Although not always consistent, I do like the seasoning that they use on them. My other favorite place is In-N-Out, I think it's because I've been going since high school and more of a package deal. Love a Double Double with fries and a lemonade, although it's pink.

I went to a food show with a client once, he was looking for a new frozen French Fries. We must have tried about 20 frozen and fresh cut, after awhile they all tasted the same. What it came down to was the seasoning they were using, which is one reason why I like Wing Stop.

Wing Stop French Fries

One of my favorites...

OK, I like the wings too...

Today, I opted for Lemon Pepper flavoring

I try not to eat much fried foods, but try and do are two different things... LOL!

Happy Fryday!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
(c) Kahuna of the Kitchen


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