#Carmageddon Eatz

It's Carmageddon Weekend!

Where do you celebrate Carmageddon?

Tito's Tacos!

Tito's Tacos
Culver City

If you've been here, have you ever seen the line this short on a Saturday at 1 pm? As I was driving by, I knew I had to have Tito's today. I went inside and there was no line. I've been coming here for years and if they're open, there's always long lines. But today, THERE WAS NO LINE.

Two Tacos with Cheese
$2.35 ea
Chips included

I got my food to go and headed back to the World Headquarters. Still amazed at no traffic in Los Angeles, amazing... (Did you see my post "#Carmageddon - Day 1"?)

Beef Enchilada

My friend Stuart says he always gets the enchiladas and I don't remember ever having one. So, today was the day. You get a good amount of beef and cheese, but I like a zestier sauce.

Tito's Guacamole and Salsa
Salsa is complimentary

Considering that I had to drive into the Carmageddon Hot Zone today, I did score with a Tito's lunch and the traffic wasn't bad at all today. At least for Day 1. Hey LA, we get to do this all over again next summer! Ooh, I can't wait...

Made Fresh Daily!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
(c) Kahuna of the Kitchen


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