#Carmageddon - Day 2

Carmageddon 2011
Sunday, July 17th
Los Angeles
Day 2

Didn't stay in LA today, went to San Diego!

Day 2 of Carmageddon in Los Angeles and I headed South to San Diego. Not just to escape, but to visit some friends and eat.

Heading South
8:45 AM
Interstate 15

Entering San Diego County
9:20 AM
Where's the traffic?

Don't want to jinx it...it's a beautiful day

Kate Murray
Founder and Sushi Chef of Miss Sushi San Diego
Also, main character in "The Zen of Fish" by Trevor Corson
You might even see my name in there too...

My first stop was to see my friend, mentee, and fellow sushi chef, Kate Murray at the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer's Market. It's been awhile since I've tasted her sushi creations and promised that I would, today was the day.

Red Head Roll
Shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna, spicy sauce, and crunchies
Served with a seared tuna and cucumber/seaweed salad

You can visit Miss Sushi at the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market
Every Other Sunday
or check her website for additional locations and times in the San Diego area

Here's the Traffic!
More traffic in San Diego than in LA
this weekend

Heading to Tajima Restaurant
for meeting and lunch

Regular Tajima Ramen
with Kakuni Pork

I met with a restaurant owner, who doesn't want to be identified, for a ramen lunch and meeting. Trying not to watch the #WorldCup game (recorded it at home), my phone was notifying me that news services were reporting that Carmageddon was over and the 405 was opening at 11:30 am. Wow! 16 hours ahead of time...

It was time to celebrate! So, I stopped off at the Lake Elsinore Outlets on the way home.

Went to checkout the Swoosh Stuff...

Now that the damage was done, it was time to head North for home...

Now I know I'm back in Los Angeles!
Traffic, How I missed thee...

We get to do this again next summer!

NOTE: "The Zen of Fish" is the hardback version, the paperback version is titled "The Story of Sushi" both by author Trevor Corson.

Photos by Jay Terauchi
(c) Kahuna of the Kitchen


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