Today is FRYDAY! - June 10th

Yes, today is FRYDAY!

In my opinion, there is one fried food that is very hard to find these days. Tempura is a dying art and not many places know how to do it the old skool way. When I was growing up, restaurants did a great job, nice and crispy. So, I'm happy when I find that does it crispy and not greasy.

Tempura Udon
Sanuki No Sato

Sanuki No Sato is a place that does a good job with tempura, the udon ain't bad either. On this day, I celebrated with a bowl of udon.

Beef Udon
Shin-Sen-Gumi's Tonsyo Udon

Yesterday's lunch at Pacific Square's Marukai Market...

Tempura secret, using very cold water and potato starch. Do not over mix it and keep it cold...

Pass the Togarashi!

Photos by Jay Terauchi


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