National Seafood Month

June is National Seafood Month!
Depending who you ask...October is also National Seafood Month.
I just go with the flow, it's all about celebrating seafood
and it's sustainability for future generations to enjoy.

One of the advantages of being in the food industry is the ability to visit places that are "off-limits" to the general public. I'm usually at the fish wholesaler to buy fish, but on this day, I'm just taking pictures.

I love local fish... Being in Southern California, we have some great local sardines and spot prawns from Santa Barbara. When I'm in Hawaii, I love ono, opakapaka, mahimahi, and moi.

Southern California

Live Spot Prawn
Santa Barbara

Spanish Mackerel
One of my favorite fish...

Off to the fish cutting room...

A salmon ready to be delivered to a local restaurant
as the daily special

Tuna being portioned out
tuna tartare anyone?

How do you know your fish is fresh?

1. The fish should smell like the ocean, fresh fish doesn't have a smell.
2. The eyes should be clear, stay away from fish with cloudy eyes.
3. The belly should be firm and not mushy to the touch.
4. Buy from respectable vendors.
5. Ask questions, you fish monger should be able to tell you where it's from.

Clear Eyes
a good sign that it's fresh

A former customer once told me that the only fish he ate were fish sticks. Over time, he would ask me which fish tasted like fish sticks? I knew it had to be a mild white fish that would fit his taste. One day, I had a really good piece of Opakapaka (Hawaiian Pink Snapper) and sold him on the idea that it was a special fish from Hawaii. We sauteed it for him, he loved it and wondered why I didn't make him eat fish years ago.

Don't Think, Just Eat!

Happy National Seafood Month!

Just part of the #foodcalendar
on Twitter

Photos by Jay Terauchi


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