It's a Different World

It's a different world now...I was talking to a former classmate who's daughter graduates from high school this year. We were talking about starting a new chapter after we graduated. I was telling him that when we were in school, it was all about what we knew. Then in our professional lives, it wasn't what you knew, it was who you knew. Today, it's who thinks they know you, thanks to the Internet.

I remember when you could only buy computers from Computerland or Businessland. These retailers only catered to the computer science types and the novices, like me, were out of luck.

Apple Store

Ten years ago, Apple would change the way we shopped for computers, it's a different mindset. Rather than sell computers, they sold the Apple brand.

Exercise: Go to an Apple Store and play with the macs, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks. See how long it takes before they ask you to move along?

Apple Store
New York City

In today's world , companies can't rely on what they've done in the past. I always tell my clients, if you continue to do it the same way, expect to get the same results. But in this ever changing world, if you don't figure it out, you'll be left out.

Yes Virginia, it's a different world we live in...

Photos courtesy of Apple
Thanks Apple!


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