Dim Sum Saturday

Dim sum translates something close to "touch the heart" but for me it's tea with breakfast or lunch. Having a variety of different choices is always a favorite of mine, love Spanish Tapas too. The variety of dishes range from steamed, baked, and fried or what I call the major food groups. I'm joking, so please no letters.

I usually start with the most popular ones: Shrimp and Pork Sui Mai and Shrimp Ha Gow

Sui Mai
Shrimp and Pork

Ha Gow

Cha Sui Bao
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns
Another steamed menu item

This could be a meal in itself, but I prefer the baked ones...

Chinese Broccoli
Yes mom, I had my greens today...

Usually served with oyster sauce

Sesame Seed Ball
Sweet rice with a sweet sesame seed paste inside
One of my favorites growing up...

They didn't really have a lot of different dishes, but I was happy with today's lunch.
Now I'm ready for a nap...

Happy Dim Sum Saturday!

Photos by Jay Terauchi
Kahuna of the Kitchen


Lynn said…
That's funny... my "must haves" match yours!
Lynn said…
How funny, my "must haves" are exactly the same as yours! (I also love to order the turnip cake... love the crispiness of the crust just after they fry it up right by the table.)
Jay Eats said…
@Lynn - This place didn't have a large selection, but enough to have my fix...

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