This is Why I Love Pepperoni

One of my vices in life is a good pizza. I'm pretty picky about my pizzas and do have a few favorites, list is not in any specific order:

1. Mariella's in NYC
2. Lou Malnati's in Chicago
3. Zachary's Pizza in Berkeley
4. Mozza in Los Angeles
5. Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix
6. Pizzeria Regina in the North End of Boston

Since I don't travel as much as I used to, I'm not able to visit these places often. I did, however, stumble on a place that serves a great pepperoni pizza, Pitfire Artisan Pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni / Tomato Sauce / Fresh Mozzarella / Torn Basil
Pitfire Artisan Pizza

The secret to their pepperoni pizza? Zoe's Natural Pepperoni, which is made without BHA, BHT, or nitrates. Thus resulting in a flavorful cured pepperoni and the best that I've had. Fortunately, Zoe's Meats does sell their meats online (

Pitfire Artisan Pizza
Culver City

4 Southern California Locations

*Culver City
*Downtown Los Angeles
*North Hollywood
*West Los Angeles

I love pizza and would love to hear about good places. Please let us know...

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Pass the Peppers!


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