Success Begins with the Community

Besides food service consulting, I work with corporations on marketing, product development, packaging, promotions, PR, and lately social media. I'm finding out that a lot of companies don't participate in the community that they conduct business in. How do they expect to be part of the community?

The ones that I do talk to, think it has to do with having a booth at the local festival. Yes, that could be one way, but it could be as simple as using their parking lot on a Saturday to wash cars to raise money for new team uniforms or passing out advertisements for community sponsored event.

A few years ago, a neighborhood grocer was killed in a robbery. The neighbors placed so many candles and flowers in front of the store, the family couldn't believe it. Neighbors were saying that this man would help out his customers if they fell a few cents short, needed milk for the kids before payday, or even hired locals to do odd jobs around the store. This man participated in the community and the community supported him, even after he was killed.

People don't forget...

When I talk to a business about a possible consulting gig or project, I always ask how involved in the community are they? The usual answer is "no involvement." What they don't realize is that givers gain and in the long run it does pay off. If you're in it for the short haul, then you're probably right not to care about others.

I always mention this to my clients:

If you continue to do it the same way, expect to get the same results.

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