Salmon Bento: Close, but not my favorite

Happy Mother's Day!

As you've read in previous posts, I'm a fan of Bento Man's Japanese fried chicken bento and made it to my "Japanese Lunch Specials in LA" post. I happened to be in the area again and stopped in to try the "Salmon Bento."

Salmon Bento

The salmon was well cooked with a nice crust and perfectly seasoned. I really wasn't a fan of the other "fried" accompaniments, trust me I loved fried... Fried tofu, fried piece of chicken, and tempura shrimp was a bit much, especially if you are trying to eat healthy by ordering the salmon. Although I'm Japanese American, I still have a hard time eating the root vegetables prepared the traditional way. It's too old skool for me and usually what I avoid in bento boxes. Other than that, everything is well prepared and a deal at $7.25.

On the other hand, I really love Bento Man's "Karaage Chicken Bento", Japanese style fried chicken. Maybe this will be what I always order at Bento Man moving forward. This combination is perfect for an American audience and me when I'm in the area.

Karaage Chicken Bento

This is one of the best bento deals in Los Angeles at $6.25 and prepared a la minute, cooked to order. Otherwise, we're stuck with pre-made grab and go ones.

Most Asian restaurants want to sell to Americans, but don't know how. As a restaurant consultant, I hear this too much. But if you don't know how to educate your customers about your products, you'll have a hard time finding new business. Pictures help, but doesn't really explain what it is or taste like. Maybe if they paid attention to what their audience eats or actually even asks their customers, that might be a clue. BUT, if they want to pay me to tell them what to do, I won't complain.

Thank You for stopping by...Please let me know your comments and I would love to hear about other small places like this...

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Bento Man
1500 S Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 733-5316

Photos by Jay Terauchi


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