May 11th is National Spicy Tuna Day!

May 11th
National Spicy Tuna Day!

Just as the California Roll was created at Tokyo Kaikan in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, Spicy Tuna was said to be created at Sushi Iroha in Studio City. Not sure when that was, but my guess was sometime in the 1980's.

Spicy Tuna Roll
Sushi Dragon

They don't eat spicy tuna in Japan, it would be considered a sin to eat tuna seasoned in this manner. And when they do eat a roll, it's very traditional with the seaweed on the outside. The reason why the Tokyo Kaikan chefs rolled it inside-out, back in the late 60's early 70's, Americans wouldn't eat a black piece of paper (seaweed) so they hid it.

Japanese cuisine is simple, seasonal, and subtle. Since Japanese food is simple and subtle, they don't really eat anything spicy, so why look to Japanese cuisine for anything spicy? I think it's really funny that a cuisine that isn't known for spicy foods, has a popular item that is called "spicy tuna".

Spicy Tuna Handroll
Great for parties

Here's a Spicy Tuna recipe to celebrate:

1 lb of chopped sashimi grade tuna (rough chop with knife)
2 TBS mayonnaise (a good quality one)
1 TBS togarashi (Japanese chili pepper)
1 TBS sesame chili oil
1 TBS Siracha (Asian hot sauce)
1 TBS Sambal (garlic chili sauce)
1 TBS soy sauce
Salt to taste
chopped green onions (optional)

I hope you enjoy National Spicy Tuna Day! Celebrate at your favorite sushi place or make it at home and enjoy this American tradition... LOL!

Happy National Spicy Tuna Day!

Spicy Tuna photo from:

8069 Vineland Avenue
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 768-4507


abby said…
u've inspired me to cook fish for dinner. tmrw i will try to do right by national spicy tuna day :D

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