Happy National Prime Rib Day!

Today is April 27th
or as I know it...
National Prime Rib Day!

Although I jumped the gun and celebrated last Saturday, I had to, I was at Adamsons French Dip in Sunnyvale! Thanks to my cousin Jill who suggested that I go for a prime rib dip sandwich, she did caution me that they get really crowded. A place that specializes on their core item AND gets crowded? This already sounds like a great place...

Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich

A couple days later found me on Highway 85 and heading down El Camino Real to Adamsons. It's a small place, limited menu, but I get it. I'm always curious what other people are ordering, but this place has basically two menu items: 1) Prime Rib French Dip 2) Top Sirloin French Dip.

I hate it when you order a french dip and get Au jus in a small cup that you can't get the sandwich dipped properly. Not at Adamsons, they give you a wide cup to properly dip your sandwich in the Au jus, extra points for that...

This past weekend was actually my second trip to Adamsons, the first time I tried the Top Sirloin dip, which was very good.

Top Sirloin French Dip Sandwich
I was pretty messy, but it was so good...

They also have Wood-Oven BBQ Sandwiches, but you don't go to a french dip place and have a BBQ sandwich, do you? I'm sure they're good...

They have the typical sides: french fries, onion rings, beans (wood-fired), potato salad, and cole slaw. AND they have a selection of premium root beers, including their own Adamsons Root Beer.

One of the best dipped sandwiches that I've had, love that they fire roast their meats, nice smokey flavor. Don't forget to ask for the Horseradish when you get your order.

If you have a special place like this that you go to, please share it with all of us...

806 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 830-9024

Closed Sundays...


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