Happy National Empanada Day!

April 8th is one of my favorite #foodcalendar days, it's National Empanada Day! If you don't know what an empanada is...it's a baked or fried filled pastry found in Latin America and Europe. A wide range of meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits are used.

Chicken Empanada

The great thing is each region makes them different. I've had Brazilian ones with ground shrimp, Venezuelan ones with stewed meat, and Columbian ones with pork and chorizo. Doesn't really matter what type or style you've had, there's nothing that beats a pastry with tasty fillings.

Maybe next year, I'll do a Korean beef and cabbage one. Otherwise, I'll enjoy my chicken and vegetable ones...


If you're interested in following along the #foodcalendar, you can find us on Twitter using the hashtag "#foodcalendar" and join us OR there are many food calendars online. Regardless, enjoy food...

Please share what your favorite empanada is and what you think.

Happy National Empanada Day!


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