A Tuna Good for the Environment?

A few of you have asked for additional information on Kindai Bluefin Tuna as mentioned on an earlier post.

My friend Jeff Nitta introduced me to Kindai Tuna at an event a few years ago. After hearing about the plight of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, I knew that I had to stop eating wild bluefin tuna while the tuna population regenerates. I haven't had any wild bluefin tuna in years.

Kindai Tuna was well represented
at the FILManthropy Festival

The FILManthropy Festival educates, inspires, motivates, and raises the awareness to forgotten or unknown issues, such as wild bluefin tuna, through a variety of films. Thank you to the Sirens Society for helping to educate at the festival.

Chef Makoto Okuwa verifies that it's the real deal

Each Certified Kindai Bluefin Tuna comes with a certificate, so you know it wasn't a wild catch. The certificate states where the tuna was born, where it was raised, what it was fed, etc. Each certified tuna was spawned at the Kinki University's aqua farms in Japan, which is an industry world leader.

This certified bluefin tuna meets his high standards
and is served at Sashi in Manhattan Beach

3 Different Bluefin Tuna Cuts
Akami (Red Meat), Chutoro (Medium Fatty Belly), and Otoro (Fatty Belly)

Most people don't like farm raised fish. Ahh, salmon comes to mind. The coloring is in this tuna is vibrant and the flavor is rich, not like farm raised at all.

A Certified Kindai Bluefin Tuna dish by Chef Makoto

Kindai Bluefin Tuna isn't the answer to overfishing, but it's an alternative to wild bluefins and not tapping into the current population. Until there is a better solution, we have this great tasting option.

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A Very Special Thank You to Rand Gamble & Tricia Ting

Photos by Amy Cusack, Dave Kuo, Jay Terauchi

Arigato to Chef Makoto Okuwa and Sashi Restaurant

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