Street Food - Southern Cal Style

Last Saturday was the Long Beach Street Food Festival. Wanted to try a couple of the trucks that I haven't been yet, so I got up early and headed to Long Beach.

Gogi Balls from Great Balls of Fire on Tires
Enjoyed the short lines when we got there

Can't decide what to try...

Longest line we waited, ordered the Gogi Balls (Korean marinated beef)

Tried a new sushi roll truck...

Cream Cheese Explosion from the Yatta truck

If you don't cut the meat correctly, it's stringy, but the taste was great
From Ahn Joo truck

Probably the best Korean short rib tacos that I've had...From Bool BBQ

Just a quarter of the line for Nom Nom, they had the longest line
I spent about 3 hours and we hit 4 trucks, considering I wasn't that hungry, not bad. The food was pretty much what I had thought, but I'll have to go back for the Korean short rib tacos at Bool BBQ. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday lunch!


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