Helping Others and Tuna too...

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I started my career working for a major Hollywood studio. While there, I was fortunate to screen a lot of films during my 10 years in the industry. I still love films and filmmaking, so when my friend Jeff Nitta introduced me to the Sirens Society and heard about their festival and giving back, I knew I had to attend. You see, the Sirens Society promotes philanthropic activities within the community and their FILManthropy Festival actually "OPEN YOUR EYES" to some great films but also to raise awareness to unknown issues.

I saw some great films, met some AWESOME people, had some wonderful food, and made a difference in many lives too. I know the money raised will help a lot of people.

FILManthropy Festival 2010
Cinespace in Hollywood
October 2 -3, 2010

Hollie Stenson (Left) Festival Director, Jodi Fung: Festival Founder &
Exec. Director, Anne Archer: FILManthropist of the Year 2010

Jodi Fung with Chef Makoto Okuwa from Sashi in Manhattan Beach

Kindai Tuna Presentation at the awards ceremony
Chef Makoto Okuwa, Nick Sakagami: Kindai Tuna importer, and
George Gray: the evening's MC
Wild bluefin tunas have been overfished and Kindai Bluefin Tuna was introduced as an alternative, spawned at the Kinki University's aqua farms in Japan. Not only is it good for the bluefin population, but great tasting too...
Chef Makoto Okuwa demonstrated
Shikai Maki with Kindai Bluefin Tuna

Chef Makoto Okuwa also served
Kindai Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice

I even jumped in to help...
As I write this entry, I'm drinking my Matcha Matcha Green Tea, something I became aware of at the FILManthropy Festival. It was very nice meeting Tricia Ting and giving me all of the information that I needed and also where to find it.
Many have asked about more information on the wild bluefin tunas, find out more at "Friends and Family of the Bluefin Tuna" on Facebook: FFBluefinTuna
Kindai Bluefin Tuna is served exclusively at Sashi in Manhattan Beach. Say Hello to Chef Makoto Okuwa. Thanks to Sashi's Amy Cusack.
For more information on the Sirens Society:

Thank you Sirens Society! It was a great event and
See You Next Year...

The End!
Curtain closes...House lights come up

Photos by Dave Kuo
Written by Jay Terauchi


Unknown said…
Looks like a great event. Can you share some information on the tuna you mentioned?
Unknown said…
I'm not in California, who else serves this kind of tuna? It sounds really good for the wild population.
Unknown said…
You always have great information and looks like you had fun. Can you share more info on this tuna?

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