Anaheim Certified Farmers' Market

For all of you who attended my demo, Thank You! Although it was a hot afternoon, we were able to have some fun and answer a lot of sushi questions. Would like to Thank the Anaheim Certified Farmers Market for having me come down to cook for everyone...

Here is the CORRECTED Spicy Tuna Recipe:
1 lb chopped sashimi grade tuna (chop with a knife)
2 TBS mayonnaise (a good quality one)
1 TBS togarashi (Japanese chili pepper)
1 TBS sesame chili oil
1 TBS Siracha (Asian hot sauce)
1 TBS Sambal
1 TBS soy sauce (low salt)
Taste salt
chopped green onions (optional)
Have fun making handrolls for your next party.


Unknown said…
I'm sure you did a great job and love your recipe.

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